Conclusion- Blog 10

Humans as a whole are making more and more discoveries about space every day. Scientists are beginning to discover more Earth-like planets. Just a week ago, NASA discovered a star with 7 Earth-like planets orbiting it, 3 of which are in the GHZ, a zone where water won’t evaporate but also won’t freeze. Our technology […]

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Documentary- Blog 9

There are many unique ways that life could be created or sustained in the universe. Even within our own solar system, there are objects that may have had life before or still do, although it’s unlikely. Take for example, Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. This moon is very similar to Earth in some ways. There […]

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Documentary- Blog 8

There is a lot of possible evidence of life outside our solar system, but what about within our solar system? Although it is unlikely, there are multiple moons that scientists believe could possibly hold life. One of these is Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. The reason that Europa could possibly hold life is that it […]

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Articles- Blog 7

There is plenty of evidence and speculation on how common life could be in the universe. But so far, we haven’t been able to find definite proof. NASA scientists have claimed that we are on the verge of discovering life outside of Earth. A chief scientist at NASA, Ellen Stofan estimates that we will find […]

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Articles- Blog 6

There are many experts who have voiced their estimates on how common life might be in our galaxy. Some guess that their are millions of civilizations in our galaxy, and some have guessed that there is a good chance of Earth being the only planet in the galaxy or even the universe itself. But we […]

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Ted Talks- Blog 5

There are many beliefs that life exists somewhere else in the universe. Seth Shostak, a researcher at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute claims that “the smart money, which is to say the people working on this project, the smart money is suggesting that the fraction of planets that might be suitable for life […]

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Blog 4

There are many different equations and ideas that are used to try and determine how common life in the universe is. Some of these conclude that life is common, and some of these conclude that we may very well be the only planet containing life in the universe. An example of one of these is […]

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