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There are many experts who have voiced their estimates on how common life might be in our galaxy. Some guess that their are millions of civilizations in our galaxy, and some have guessed that there is a good chance of Earth being the only planet in the galaxy or even the universe itself. But we aren’t looking for estimates. We’re looking for evidence that can back up the claim that there is extraterrestrial life.

Scientists have been picking up weird signals from a distant star, KIC 8462852. There has been a constant, steady decrease in the brightness coming from this star. It had been dimming for a long time and over the past few years, the dimming increased rapidly. This is the only time we have ever detected this sort of event occurring on a star. So what could the cause of this be? “These brightness dips are too significant to be caused by an orbiting planet, so scientists began suggesting alternative explanations.” (

One suggestion is that a planet was destroyed and the ensuing cloud of dust is blocking light. But the interesting idea is that an advanced civilization has created a “megastructure” that is causing the dimming. Although it’s unlikely, if it were true, it would match up with the stats. So what exactly is this theoretical “megastructure”? The idea is that an advanced civilization could create a massive solar structure that captures energy from the sun. This would be large enough to block a significant amount of light from the star.

Scientists have yet to come up with an answer. For now, we can only speculate what could be the cause of this unusual phenomenon. It could be a massive cloud of dust, aliens, or something we haven’t even thought of. Either way, it shows we are making more and more discoveries that could lead to the proof of extraterrestrial life.


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