Documentary- Blog 8

There is a lot of possible evidence of life outside our solar system, but what about within our solar system? Although it is unlikely, there are multiple moons that scientists believe could possibly hold life. One of these is Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.

The reason that Europa could possibly hold life is that it is completely covered in ice. Scientists think that deep beneath the layer of ice could be an ocean of liquid water. This is because Europa has an elliptical orbit, causing it to heat up when it’s closer to Jupiter. This heating would also cause the moon itself to stretch, making large cracks in the surface where liquid water rises up then eventually freezes. These cracks could be the places where life exists, as they would be able to receive sunlight there.

Another moon that may be habitable is one of Saturn’s moons, Titan. The geology itself is very similar to Earth’s. Lakes, mountains, and volcanoes are all land forms found on Titan’s surface. Multiple natural materials, such as methane, have been discovered on the surface. This could mean that life could be created on Titan through chemical reactions. The problem is that the temperature of the surface is 300 degrees below zero. The surface is cold enough that gases on Earth are in a liquid state on Titan and water is nearly as hard as rock. Although it’s extremely unlikely that there is life on Titan currently, it is possible that there was life near the beginning of Titan’s creation. It was warm and contained materials used to form life on Earth.


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