Conclusion- Blog 10

Humans as a whole are making more and more discoveries about space every day. Scientists are beginning to discover more Earth-like planets. Just a week ago, NASA discovered a star with 7 Earth-like planets orbiting it, 3 of which are in the GHZ, a zone where water won’t evaporate but also won’t freeze. Our technology is constantly improving and we are on the road to discovering extraterrestrial life.

Here’s something to think about: absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence. This is a popular quote that can easily be applied to the search for life. Just because we haven’t found definite evidence of life outside of Earth doesn’t mean that it isn’t out there. There are millions of billions of planets that we have yet to discover. Out of the several thousand planets that we have discovered, if Earth is the only inhabited planet, we could estimate that on an astronomical scale, life is common.

There are even places within our solar system that may have life now or had life before. This could be under the icy crust of Europa or in deep caves within of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Organic materials such as methane, ethane and even water have been discovered on Titan’s surface. If there isn’t life on Titan right now, it could’ve existed a long time ago when Titan was warm and Earth-like. If there are multiple possibly habitable places within our own solar system, what are the chances of life in another solar system that is our size or even larger?

With all the evidence we have and all the possibilities in the universe, how could there not be life? We have only seen a drop in the bucket. Actually, it’s more like a drop in the ocean. Even the most qualified scientists in the world are confident that life is out there. One of NASA’s chief scientist has estimated that we will find life within 20-30 years. I believe that extraterrestrial life exists somewhere in the universe.


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