Author’s Purpose- Blog 3

As we can tell from the title, Alone in the Universe, the author’s standpoint is that Earth is the only planet that host’s life in the universe. Within the book, John Gribbin backs up this claim with theories, statistics, facts, and equations. There are multiple purposes of this book. In the beginning of the book, […]

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Blog 2

Saying that there is life on other planets is a bold claim, as there is no hard evidence that it is true. ¬†Although we can’t prove it, there are statistics and facts in favor of the claim that there is extraterrestrial life. The Milky Way is shaped like a disk that is approximately 100,000 light […]

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Introduction- Blog 1

The universe is a massive space that we know very little about. Just like millions of other people, I am very curious about what could be outside of our home planet, Earth. The reason that I am so intrigued is that there is so much to information to learn, and so much information that humans […]

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